Commission Order Form

Use this form to submit a commission for any sprite you would like; even if you do not see it listed. I'll process each request, and if it meets the guidelines below, I will email you to confirm and solidify the commission details. Please fill out the form in its entirety to request a commission. I will respond to each request as soon as possible! :) 

Commission Terms

By commissioning with Otaku Beadsmith you agree to the following terms.

Commission Rates: I charge commission rates based on size, materials used, plus additional design time for custom items, i.e. sprites that must be researched or created from scratch.

Project Estimates: When you submit your commission request, I will contact you to discuss your particular commission. I will give you an estimated price based on your request and give you the details of the commission, such as estimated size of the item, shipping cost, and the time it will take to complete. You can choose to agree to the estimate at this time or discuss changes to your commission.

Project Payments: Payment for an approved commission request must be received before work is delivered/shipped. A Paypal invoice will be sent to your provided e-mail address for the full amount of your commission. Once payment is received, your commission will be sent. I only accept payment in US dollars through Paypal. I ship within the USA and international.

Completion of commission: An email will be sent out, if applicable, with a preview image of the pixel art you are commissioning so as you can approve, or make changes before I begin to work on it. Upon completion, an email will be sent with a picture of your finalized product. Changes and adjustments can be made to the sprite at that time as well if you are not satisfied. After final approval, your design will be ironed and shipped to you.

Artwork Display: All custom work and designs created are free to be displayed and/or shared. But if shared or recreated, please credit and/or tag the shared photo.

Your commission was successfully sent for review!