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Hi there! My name's Caroline and I make Perler Bead Sprite art :)




I started making bead sprite art back in 2011 on a whim and my love for it just kept growing with every new sprite I made. At the time, I had no idea what Perler Beads were or how to even make these awesome pieces of art that I saw all over the internet. But I slowly tried this and that and through tons of trial and error, I got to where I am today :D


I like making bead sprites of just about everything; from anime characters, to classic video game sprites, to original pixelations & sprites I find online! I love challenges and I love seeing how cool they look once they're finished.


I also love taking part in charity events and being a part of the growing nerd culture here in Jacksonville. One of the main groups that I LOVE being apart of is GAAM. Anytime they host an event, I always make sure to be apart of it.


But with that being said, I hope you enjoy my work and I hope to one day make a sprite just for you <3

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